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Fixed Bus Routes and Schedules

Route Changes Effective August 4, 2018. 

Route travel pattern changes for Routes 6A/6B, Route 9A/9B and Route 12A/12B, and Route 15A/15B now travels south of SR-198 at Plaza upon request only.

Visalia Transit operates 13 Fixed-Routes that provide quality, affordable public transportation.

Visalia's fixed route system map (click map to enlarge/download):

Routes: Effective August 4, 2018.

1A & 1B 

Route 1A - Downtown, Mooney, TCaT Transfer (Southbound)  

Route 1B - TCaT Transfer, Mooney, Downtown (Northbound)

2A & 2B

Route 2A - Downtown, Court Street, Caldwell Avenue, Akers Street, Visalia Medical Clinic

Route 2B - Visalia Medical Clinic, Akers Street, Caldwell Avenue, Court Street, Downtown


Route 3 - Houston, Ben Maddox, Noble Lovers Lane, Santa Fe

4A & 4B

Route 4A - Downtown, Tulare Avenue, Visalia Medical Clinic (Westbound)

Route 4B - Visalia Medical Clinic, Tulare Avenue, Downtown (Eastbound)

5A & 5B

Route 5A - Downtown, Walnut Avenue, Visalia Medical Clinic (Westbound) 

Route 5B - Visalia Medical Clinic, Walnut Avenue, Downtown (Eastbound)

6A & 6B

Route 6A - Downtown, Visalia Medical Clinic, Goshen - Road Construction along Goshen and Demaree 

Route 6B - Goshen, Visalia Medical Clinic, Downtown - Road Construction along Goshen and Demaree 

7A & 7B

Route 7A - Downtown, Northwest Visalia (Counter-clockwise) 

Route 7B - Downtown, Northwest Visalia (Clockwise)

8A & 8B

Route 8A - Downtown, Northeast Visalia (counter-clockwise)

Route 8B - Downtown, Northeast Visalia (clockwise)

9A & 9B 

Route 9A - Downtown Visalia, Farmersville, Exeter (now clockwise travel pattern in Exeter)

Route 9B - Exeter (now clockwise travel pattern in Exeter), Farmersville, Downtown Visalia


Route 11X - Tulare-Visalia Express Service 

12A & 12B

Route 12 - Mooney Boulevard, Caldwell Avenue/Visalia Road, South Farmersville Blvd - **This route no longer travels to Exeter. Passengers can Transfer with Route 9 at Farmersville Blvd & Visalia Road.

15A & 15B

Route 15A - Downtown, Visalia Medical Clinic, Plaza Drive -- Wyndham, Visalia Airport, and Fed Ex stops upon request only now.

Route 15B - Plaza Drive, Visalia Medical Clinic, Downtown Transit Center

16A & 16B

Route 16A - Whitendale, Demaree Street, Goshen Avenue, Visalia Medical Clinic

Route 16B - Hurley Avenue, Demaree Street, Whitendale Avenue, Mooney Boulevard 

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