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Solar Panel Permits with   

Licensed contractors in the City of Visalia are now able to apply for residential solar panel installation permits online with the help of SolarAPP+, a web-based portal for residential solar energy system installations, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to automate project plan reviews.

Please review the links below to get familiar with SolarApp+.

SolarApp+ Useful links

Once you are ready to create a SolarApp+ account and apply for a Solar permit in the City of Visalia, follow the steps below. You will need your SolarApp Approval ID and documents.


  1. Submit for automated review through SolarAPP+.
    1. Register or sign in to SolarAPP+
    2. Submit design
    3. Pay SolarAPP+ fee
    4. Download SolarAPP+ Approval Documents
  2. Submit SolarAPP+ Permit application to the City.
    1. Register or log in to Visalia ACA portal
    2. Create a Building application for Residential Solar Permit with SolarApp
    3. Follow application process filling all required fields
    4. Attach your SolarAPP+ Approval Documents
    5. Submit your permit application
    6. At time of inspection provide the single line diagram for the project
    7. At time of inspection provide the load calculations for the project
  3. Pay the permit fees online (Visa/MasterCard only), the permit will be auto-issued within a few seconds.
  4. Detailed user instructions may be found here: Instructional Guide for ACA SolarApp Application
  5. Schedule the inspection online.
    1. Log in to Visalia ACA portal and request inspection
    2. Enter permit number and follow prompts to complete inspection scheduling
    3. Remember, at time of inspection you must provide the single line diagram and load calculations for the project
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