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Low-Water Use Demonstration Gardens

Visalia’s low-water-use demonstration gardens are a collaborative effort between the City of Visalia, Urban Tree Foundation and CSET’s Sequoia Community Corps Urban Forestry. The gardens provide a wealth of landscaping examples that are water efficient for our dry desert climate.  In addition to providing visual examples of landscape possibilities and information about the plants displayed, Visalia’s demonstration gardens offer shady places to enjoy a picnic lunch.  Plan to spend some time exploring and enjoying the surroundings as you build ideas for your home landscape.

These gardens promote low-water use and native plant landscaping.  Along the paths, visitors have the opportunity to view a collection of California native plant exhibits - including a riparian corridor along St. Johns River.   The demonstration gardens provide practical, examples of plants and plant combinations.  The gardens include signage which identify the plant common name, scientific name, water needs, and size. These gardens offer a wide variety of plants and garden styles. The City of Visalia encourages residents to visit these low-water use gardens and hope that you will be inspired to adopt appropriate landscaping for your own home.

The gardens are located at:
    •  Packwood Creek Trail - From Caldwell to Cameron (North of COSTCO)
    •  Pinkham Basin - S. Pinkham between Victor and LaVida
    •  St. Johns Botanical Garden - Off Riggin just North of the 63 (East of TARGET)
    •  West Main St. Park - Off West Main St. between Mill Creek Dr. and County Center

If you are interested in starting your own low-water use garden click on Low-Water Use Gardening for a list of regionally appropriate, native and low-water use plants. By utilizing an array of low-water use and native plants in your garden, you’ll help to conserve water resources, save money, and attract wildlife to your yard. As you plan your landscape, be sure to visit one of Visalia's four low-water use demonstration gardens. 

To view homes here in Visalia that have already converted their landscape to low-water use gardens click on local residential examples.  Review the photos below or visit one of Visalia's Low-Water-Use Demonstration Gardens.

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