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Local Low Water Use Garden Examples

Low water gardening is an alternative way of gardening that reduces water use.  It doesn't mean ripping out your lawn and replacing it with gravel and cactus.  Instead, it refers to applying low water principals in your landscape plan, including choosing low water use plants, using wood chips in your beds to reduce evaporation, adding compost to your solid to improve water capacity, and using sensible watering practices.

Have you considered designing a low-water use landscape at your home or business?  Whether you water with a hose or use an irrigation system, smart watering habits can keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful without wasting water or money. Once established, native and low water-use plants and trees require much less water than traditional landscapes. If you’re designing a new landscape or just sprucing up your current landscape, be sure to consider the water needs of the plants you choose.

State Announces Turf Replacement Program
The turf replacement program will rebate $2 per square foot of turf replaced, up to $2,000 per household through state or local turf replacement programs. Consumers are eligible to replace turf that is living or dead at the time of the rebate application. (Bare earth areas with no sign of turf are not eligible for a rebate.  Californians can visit to apply for the rebates.

Low Water Landscape Award
The Visalia Environmental Committee is now recognizing local landscapes that demonstrate a meaningful reduction in outdoor water use.  Visalia residents and businesses interested in applying are encouraged to click on Visalia's Low Water Landscape Award and complete the following questions with as much information as you have available. Attach photos and other informational materials as applicable. 

Water Wise Gardening Visalia
Your landscape can be drought-tolerant and beautiful at the same time with help from California Water Service Company's Water-Wise Gardening Visalia website.  Take their garden and gallery tours that include information on ornamental grasses, California natives, lawn substitutes, low-water-use plants that make great screens or hedges, and plants with unusual foliage. 

Do you already have a low-water use landscape?  If so consider printing and posting the Low-Water Use Landscape Sign and let your neighbors know that your landscape is helping to conserve our most precious resource.


There are many local examples of low-water use gardens right here in Visalia.  Before you purchase new plants for your landscape consider visiting one or all four of Visalia’s low-water use demonstration gardens conveniently located throughout Visalia.

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