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Mission Statement and Code of Ethics

The City of Visalia Mission Statement, adopted in January 1981, and revised in March 1988, represents the core values of the City.

The City strives to assure that citizens are provided with:

- A clean, safe, well-managed, financially sound, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally pleasant city in which to live;
- A forum for meaningful participation in political decisions affecting their well-being;
- Occupational, recreational and cultural opportunities for self-fulfillment, and;
- A positive climate for business development.

For a copy of the City's Mission Statement, click here.

The City of Visalia's Code of Ethics, developed in October 1992, recognizes that public trust and confidence are the basis of an effective democratic government. As individuals who are entrusted with the business of the City, we are dedicated to carrying out our responsibilities with openness, honesty, integrity, fairness, and courage.

We are committed to:

- Valuing honesty, integrity and truthfulness by: Dealing with tough decisions regardless of political consequences; following the spirit, intent and lettter of the law; and promoting the public trust;
- Setting the example by avoiding entering into situations that may create undue conflict, identify any conflicts of interest which could result in personal or professional gain, and refrain from participation in actions that affect those areas;
- Working for the good of the entire community by being sensitive to the values of the public we serve, respecting the person and property of others, realizing there will be times when the public good will override individual interests, considering the values of the entire community in each decision, and insuring community values are respected by making decisions that are equitable, just and compassionate, and;
- Being open, accessible, responsive, and efficient in working and communicating with the public, insuring good public policy exists by making decisions through participation, compromise, and consensus, and providing community members with opportunity to freely participate in the local government process.

For a copy of the City's Code of Ethics, click here.

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