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Structural Firefighting

A structure fire is a fire involving the structural components of various residential buildings ranging from single family detached homes and townhouses to apartments and tower blocks or various commercial buildings ranging from office to shopping malls. 

Structures are divided into five construction types for the purposes of firefighting and are listed below: 

TYPE I Fire Resistive:  Typically used in high-rises. The material comprising the structure is either inherently able to withstand significant exposure to fire (concrete) or in which a fire resistive covering is applied to steel structural members. 

TYPE II Non Combustible:  Typically used in shopping center malls and roofs are constructed out of steel. 

TYPE III Ordinary Construction:  Brick and mortar walls, wood frame floors. 

TYPE IV Heavy Timber:  Often used in churches or other community based buildings. 

TYPE V Wood Frame:  Typically used in newer construction of single family dwellings, townhouses and apartments with four floors or less.

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