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Visalia Fire Department Operations

The Operations Division of the Visalia Fire Department responds to any and all needs of the Visalia Community, with Professionalism, Expertise and Dynamic Training.
The Operations Division includes:
    1.  Three Battalion Chiefs

    2.  76 Uniformed Personnel to fill three complete shifts of response personnel

    3.  Five Fire Stations

    4.  More than 12,000 calls for service annually, 66% of those calls are medical

    5.  Operational Components
                a.  Hazardous Materials Response / WMD Program
                b.  Technical Rescue
                c.  Water Rescue
                d.  Medical Response
                e.  Structural Firefighting
                f.  Wildland / Grass Firefighting
                g.  Aircraft Rescue / Firefighting
                h.  Critical Incident Stress Management

Fighting a fire or "fire suppression", with its extreme heat and deadly smoke, is one of the most dangerous aspects of a firefighter job.

Firefighters will tell you that a fire has a life and personality of its own.  Firefighters attack a house fire differently than a highrise fire and a rubbish fire differently than a grass fire.  Even the equipment and apparatus used for each type of fire is different.  Visalia Firefighters are trained to battle every conceivable type of fire and are among the best trained firefighters in the country.

Since 1869, Visalia Firefighters have responded to calls for help.  Fire suppression was the primary task of the Visalia Fire Department, until the incorporation of other duties, such as emergency medical care, fire inspections, hazardous materials mitigation and technical rescue in the 1970's.

Today Visalia Fire is an integral part of the city government and prides itself on excellent service to the citizens of Visalia. test

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