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Community Meeting on Zoning Text Amendment set for Feb. 13

The purpose of the meeting is to provide Community stakeholders with an overview of a zoning code text amendment (ZTA) recently authorized by the Visalia Planning Commission. The proposed ZTA would streamline the permit process for several uses that currently are either not allowed in certain zone districts, or require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). 

The ZTA is fairly modest, premised on recent identification of commercial uses that appear to no longer warrant the requirement for discretionary approval by a CUP.  It has been generally noted that these uses are routinely approved without public controversy or the need for special conditions.  In addition, these uses are often for start-up small business enterprises that would directly benefit from a more streamlined permitting process. 

For information, contact Paul Bernal at 713-4364 or Paul Scheibel at 713-4369.

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