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Visalia Rescue Mission Available During Cold Temperatures

The weather forecast is predicting temperatures to be below 30 degrees during the night through Wednesday, Dec. 11. The Visalia Rescue Mission has agreed to assist anyone who needs assistance on nights that are below 30 degrees.

In addition, the Visalia Rescue Mission has now opened a "40 Degree" Center at their new Community Center for nights when the temperature is expected to be 40 degrees or below. The Community Center is located at 741 N. Santa Fe, and will provide blankets and staff to monitor the open room.

The Visalia Rescue Mission offers both a men's shelter, as well as a woman and children's shelter; however they do not offer a family shelter. The Visalia Rescue Mission will provide food and a warm place to sleep to anyone in need. However, the Mission maintains a drug and alcohol free environment. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be able to utilize the facility.

For those with special needs, please contact 2-1-1 Tulare County. The Visalia Rescue Mission is in need of blankets to keep those who need emergency shelter warm, so please contact the Mission if you can help. Call 740-4178.

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