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Committees, Commissions Accepting Applications for Members

Here are the committees which currently have vacancies.

Citizens Advisory Committee – acts as a liaison between the general public and the City Council concerning community issues.  The committee currently has vacancies for four alternate members.          

Disability Advocacy Committee – advises the City on the needs of disabled people.  The committee promotes physical, social, communication and attitudinal access for every citizen of Visalia.  The committee currently has a vacancy for two regular member and two alternates.

Environmental Committee – heightens environmental awareness and conservation in Visalia.  Issues addressed include air quality, hazardous waste, recycling, water conservation and all other natural resources.  The Committee currently has a vacancy for two regular members and two alternate member.

Historic Preservation Committee – administers and carries out the standards and specifications of the Historic Preservation Ordinance and promotes historic preservation including encouraging building owners to initiate preservation efforts.  The Committee currently has a vacancy for one regular member and two alternate members.

North Visalia Neighborhood Advisory Committee – serves as a liaison between the City and the North Visalia community.  It is a forum for citizen complaints, problems and provides recommendations to the City Council.  The committee has vacancies for eight regular members and 2 alternates.

Parks and Recreation Commission – advises the City Council and staff in matters pertaining to parks, playgrounds and recreation centers.  The Commission has a vacancy for one alternate member.

Planning Commission – makes recommendations to the City Council concerning land use, building and subdivisions, administers the Zoning Ordinance and handles matters that affect the growth and development of Visalia.  The Commission has a vacancy for one alternate.

Transit Advisory Committee – researches and analyzes the community's continuing transit needs, reviews operations, markets the transit program and makes recommendations about the business affairs of the transit system.  The Committee has a vacancy for two alternate members.

Waterways and Trails Committee – advises on matters related to the Bikeway Master Plan and the Waterway and Trail Master Plan.  The Committee has vacancies for two regular members and four alternate members.

Tulare Mosquito Abatement District Board – monitors, controls, abates and otherwise controls mosquitos.  The Board currently has one vacancy representing the City of Visalia. 

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and kept for a period of two years. If you have further questions you may visit our website, Committees/Commissions" to view the informational handbook and application or you may contact the City Clerk’s Office (559) 713-4512.

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