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2013 Public Opinion Survey Results are In!

The Citizens Advisory Committee is charged by Council to conduct a Public Opinion Survey (POS). In 2009, the CAC selected four different supermarket chains to conduct their "in-person" surveys. To help in diversifying the sample and promote geographic balance, supermarkets were selected from each quadrant of the city.

Previous to this year, the most recent survey was conducted in 2011. This year there were 359 surveys taken on April 27, 2013; this was roughly a 5% increase from 2011's survey tally of 342.

This year's POS sample size of 359 respondents has a 95% confidence interval of +/- 3%. In other words, 95% of the time, the actual response from residents should be within +/- 3% of the survey's response.

Overall, the survey data hasn’t dramatically been impacted due to change in demographics. Even though past surveys had areas skewed in reflecting census data, the reports still held value in assisting to capture the opinion of Visalia residents. The CAC will continue to use "in person" surveys and will be looking to expand to respondents through on-line surveys.

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