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Visalia Transit Gears Up to Meet Growth

Visalia Transit Ridership Reaches all new Highs

Visalia, Ca. (May 22nd, 2013) –   The City of Visalia Transit Division took ownership of four new 40’ Compress Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles from California based bus manufacturer Gillig, on May 18th.  The addition of these vehicles is in efforts to keep pace with growing ridership demands on Visalia Transit services.  Some routes, like the Mooney Blvd. Route 1, see standing room only during peak hours.  However, this route is not alone in reporting standing room only conditions as this has also been reported on Routes 9, 11X and 12.   The 40’ vehicles offer increased capacity for carrying more riders on routes using these 40’ buses, offering seating capacity for 39.  These CNG vehicles are also in-line with the Transit Division’s goal to convert to a fleet of 100% CNG.  With these additional vehicles, the fleet will stand at 90% CNG.  You can expect to see the new vehicles out on the street in the next two weeks or so.

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