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Council Approves Agreement for Exchange of Water Supplies

With the recently approved Water Conservation Plant (WCP) Upgrade Project and this agreement, the City will transform what was a waste into a reliable source of high-quality water for agriculture in exchange for a long-term source of surface water to help mitigate declining water levels beneath the City.

When the WCP Upgrade Project is completed in about three years, it will produce high-quality recycled water suitable for nearly any use, except for drinking water purposes, and can be applied to crops including edible crops without restriction, used in landscape irrigation and for industrial processes. A portion of the recycled water will be pumped east for irrigation to City property including Valley Oaks Golf Course and Plaza Park.         

Under the approved agreement, the majority of the water will be exchanged with TID, which will distribute the recycled water for agricultural irrigation within its district. In exchange for delivery of the City's recycled water, TID will provide surface water to the east of the City in wet years for groundwater recharge. The agreement is subject to state and federal regulatory agency approval. 

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