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Ballot Process to Continue With Hearing, Ballot Count

In accordance with the Proposition 218 hearing requirements, eligible property owners can turn in their ballots, which must be signed and sealed to be counted, during the hearing. In addition, Visalia property owners who have previously submitted a ballot may withdraw that ballot and submit a new or changed ballot at any time prior to the conclusion of the hearing. 

The ballots are to be counted by the staff of TrueBallot, the consultant conducting the ballot measure on behalf of the City, at 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 19, at the Visalia Convention Center. The public is invited to watch the ballots being counted. 

In a mail ballot distributed on January 31, Visalia property owners were asked if they desire to extend a portion of a current property-based fee of 48 cents per parcel or dwelling unit for local storm system maintenance to reduce the risk of local flooding. A "yes" vote on the mail ballot means the fee will continue at the same rate to fund local flood control maintenance and will be adjusted annually for inflation. A “no” vote means the allowable use of the monthly fee will not include local flood control maintenance, and a fee of 5 cents per month to fund Kaweah Lake maintenance requirements will continue. 

For more information on the flood control fee, go to or call 559-713-4310.

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