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Visalia Needs Feedback on Safe Routes


The City of Visalia strives to be a city where active transportation, specifically bicycling and walking, is fully integrated into daily life. Feedback from Visalians is important to help bring improvements to connected routes, trails and more.

“Visalia continues working to provide healthy and environmentally friendly transportation alternatives that are both safe and convenient for people of all ages and abilities,” shares Mayor Brian Poochigian. “We’ve been successful in the past applying for and receiving grant funding, and we need citizen feedback to help us shape this next round of applications.”

Every two years, the City can submit applications to the Active Transportation Program (ATP) with the State of California, for projects that would be beneficial to Visalia.

Now in funding Cycle 7, feedback from Visalians is needed on the following projects:

“Citizen feedback is vital to the success of our applications and our ability to address and meet the needs of our local community,” adds Poochigian. “All four of these projects encourage use of active modes of transportation, like biking and walking, and each of them meet a need right here in Visalia.”

To be awarded grant funding, the City of Visalia must submit a robust and lengthy application that defines the project’s scope, clearly articulates how the project meets the community needs, and demonstrates that projects are consistent with program goals. Community engagement and feedback is critical for a successful application.

“Our City’s General Plan incorporates the concept of “Complete Streets,” which are designed and operated to enable safe, attractive, and comfortable access and travel for all users,” provides Diego Corvera, Civil Engineer. “We work to make sure motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, children, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and users of public transportation all travel on Complete Streets. Citizen input helps us apply for grant funding, and that grant funding helps make these projects possible.”

In 2022’s Cycle 6 of the Active Transportation Plan, Visalia was successful in receiving $2.3 million for the Houston Connectivity Project and $795,000 for the Goshen Trail Reconstruction Project Phase 1.

“We’re asking for Visalians to help us apply for this funding, as each survey result, we receive, each comment we log and each connection we make helps strengthen our application and gets us one step closer to dollars that will benefit our community,” added Corvera.

Take the Survey Now

To take the Cycle 7 Active Transportation Plan Survey, visit The Survey will be open through Friday, March 1.

For more information or questions about the grant application process, visit or contact Diego Corvera, Civil Engineer, at (559) 713-4209 or [email protected]

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