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We need your input Visalia!

We need your input Visalia!

We are seeking public input on three topics:
  1. How could federal funds be spent to address community and housing needs?
  2. How can we further fair housing?
  3. How can we address housing needs with the General Plan's Housing Element?
Why is this important? We must identify the housing needs of the community to determine how to use these funds to achieve the most far reaching public benefit You are the Public! When you make your voice heard, you are helping City leaders prioritize spending for you, your family, and your community.

How can you help? There will be a number of upcoming workshops scheduled that we invite you to attend, as well as two different surveys that can be completed. Both the workshops and the surveys are an important pieces of the puzzle as we work towards community wide dialogue.

Want more information? Contact Rhonda Haynes, Housing Specialist at and (559) 713-4460.

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