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Three Can Conversion is Here!

Say goodbye to your split cans Visalia, the conversion process has begun.

Your Solid Waste Division is going street by street, taking the old split cans and providing new cans that will complete our three can system. This process will run through June and your split can will be converted into a blue-lid can for recyclables, and you'll receive a new gray-lid can for trash. Your green waste can will not change.

With three cans, sorting will be easier and you'll have more room for trash and recyclables. It's easier for residents and better for our environment.

To check your conversion week, visit and punch your address into our handy look-up tool. 

For questions, visit and check out the FAQ section, or call 1-833-COV-BILL or 1-833-268-2455 and press option 4.

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