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2019 Public Opinion Survey Online Now

Each year since the 1970’s, the City of Visalia has conducted a survey to gauge the sentiments and opinions of citizens.     
This year, thanks to approval by the City Council, the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) is again conducting a public opinion survey to determine the public’s satisfaction with City services.

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"The majority of the survey remains unchanged from year to year to better measure trends and changes in public opinion," shared Mario Cifuentez, Deputy City Manager. "However, each year the CAC typically changes or inserts one or two questions related to issues of particular current interest or concern."

For 2019, the CAC chose to remove the previous year’s questions about homeless and inserted two new questions regarding Marijuana Dispensaries and Affordable Housing.

"The CAC decided that these two new questions could help determine public perspective on recent Statewide actions or legislation which could impact the City’s position on the issues of Marijuana and Affordable Housing," added Cifuentez.

Two New Questions

"The City of Visalia currently prohibits the sale of recreational marijuana, medical marijuana dispensaries, and medical marijuana cultivation over 100 sq. ft. Should the city re-examine their current position on marijuana?"

"With the recent surge in the housing market and the average price of homes increasing, which of the following would you like to see the city explore as an affordable housing options? Single Family Home ___ Town House ___ Condominium ___ Additional Detached Unit ___ Other ___ None____"

This annual Survey is a key tool for the City of Visalia, please help us spread the word by sharing the survey information and links.

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