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Council Votes To Appoint Collins and Nelsen

At the Wednesday, August 22nd Special Meeting of the Visalia City Council, the Council voted 4-0 (Mayor Warren Gubler previously scheduled to be absent) to adopt Resolution 2018-46.

“Since no other resident in Visalia qualified to run for City Council in these Districts for the Tuesday, November 6, 2018 election, these appointments may be made in accordance with California Election Code §10229,” stated Michelle Nicholson, City of Visalia Chief Deputy City Clerk, via the Special Session Item.

With their vote, the Council appointed Greg Collins, District 4 and Steve Nelsen, District 5, for the City Council term ending in November 2022.

“The reason that Cities in districts do this is to save money in the election,” said Randy Groom, Visalia City Manager. “Because we now have Districts, and in this case we have two districts with incumbants running and no challengers, the opportunity is to save money by not having to do elections in those two districts.”

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