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City To Send Citizen Delegation To Sister City

Mayor Warren Gubler is leading a delegation to one of Visalia’s sister cities, Miki City, Japan. Travelers will arrive in Miki City on Wednesday, October 3rd and their stay will extend through Tuesday, October 9th. The public is invited to join in this historic occasion.
Visalia and Miki City’s sister city relationship began in 1966 with 2018 marking 52 years of friendship. The most recent visit was a delegation of Miki City visitors to Visalia led by then Vice-Mayor of Miki, Shigetoshi Inoue and the chairperson of the Miki City Council, Minoru Hatsuda. Previous to that, Visalia sent a citizen delegation in November 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary as sister cities.
This trip is open to Visalia residents and all travelers, including those representing the City of Visalia, are responsible for their own expenses including, but not limited to, airfare, meals and travel expenses. Members of the City delegation will fly out for Miki City on October 3rd and arrive at the Osaka International (Itami) Airport. Delegates can request a home stay with a Miki City family, or coordinate a hotel stay at a cost of $40 - $180 per night depending on amenities (higher rate accomodations include some meals).
The trip will take place during the Autumn Harvest Festival, a special time for Miki City and the island country as it is held around the time of the rice harvest to thank the gods for a bountiful crop. Our friends in Miki City will have a schedule of activities planned that allow delegates to learn more about our friends in Miki City, their city and their culture.
An informational meeting for those that would like to be a part of the delegation will be held Monday, August 13th at 5:30 p.m. at the City of Visalia Administration Building, 220 N. Santa Fe, in the HR Testing Room.

To RSVP for this meeting, or for more information on this sister city opportunity, contact City of Visalia’s Gladys Ruiz at 713-4314 or email her at

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