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In-N-Out Recognized for Environmental Achievements

Known for their fresh burgers, fries and shakes, Visalia’s In-N-Out is now being recognized for their work in recycling, composting and water conservation.

“In-N-Out has been participating in the City of Visalia’s commercial recycling programs since 2012,” says Nathan Garza, City of Visalia Natural Resources Conservation Technician. “In 2016, In-N-Out went a step further and upgraded their solid waste services to include organic waste composting to capture their soiled paper and food waste.”

Presented by the City of Visalia Environmental Committee, In-N-Out is the first to receive the 2018 Commercial Environmental Recognition Award.

Recycling and food waste composting helped make a big impact on the level of solid waste services needed at the restaurant, significantly reducing the amount of landfill bound waste from In-N-Out. To take it one step further, In-N-Out also eliminated the onetime use cardboard box trays, used by patrons for dining in, with reusable plastic trays. In recent months, the location replaced their landscape along South Mooney Boulevard and West Walnut Avenue with new low-water use landscape.

“The City of Visalia Environmental Committee commends In-N-Out for their commitment to environmental friendly business practices and for serving as an inspiration for Visalia businesses and citizens,” added Garza.

For more information on commercial recycling programs in the City of Visalia, contact Nathan Garza, City of Visalia Natural Resources Conservation Technician at 713-4532, nathan.garza@visalia.cityor visit

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