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Here We Grow!

Temperatures are staying hot, right along with development and we have your first look.

Just like Grandma used to make - Granny’s Café is a new restaurant being proposed in the former Searcey’s Bar & Café located at 1141 E. Houston near the southwest corner of Ben Maddox and Houston.

The need for office space is growing - 4 Creeks is converting former printing space in their existing office at 324 S. Santa Fe into more office space for growth occurring both within 4 Creeks and 4CG Construction.

  • 32,500 square feet of new office space has started its way through the site plan review process for the remaining portion of the Mission Oaks Plaza office park near Akers and Mineral King. There are 4 office buildings proposed with additional common area and parking.
  • Two new medical offices are proposed along Noble east of Akers. This site has been planned for office development and the approx. 14,000 square foot project is closest to Atwood Street.
Relaxation and reduction - A Reiki and therapeutic healing center is being proposed at 521 W. Noble. Reiki is is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.

New green space - The Wittman Village Community Center is converting some onsite parking space into a pedestrian only courtyard area. The space will feature new garden space for interested students and provide a break area for participants.

Industrial Park news - A new 10,000 square foot spec building has started the site plan review process for eventual construction at 1105 N. Nevada Street in the Industrial Park.

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