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Turn in Illegal Fireworks

Illegal fireworks are dangerous and they hold the potential to hurt people, injure animals and cause fires. Now Visalia residents can legally dispose of illegal fireworks year-round, no questions asked.

“If you have illegal fireworks, come turn them in. We don’t need to know how you got them and we won’t ask questions or require your name or information,” shares City of Visalia Fire Chief Doug McBee. “What’s most important is that we get these dangerous fireworks out of our City.”

Illegal fireworks can be turned in at the following locations:

Drop-offs are accepted between the hours of 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., daily. The drop-off program begins today and will continue year-round as a service to Visalia residents.

The City of Visalia has a zero tolerance policy on illegal fireworks.

“Any firework that flies in the air, darts across the ground or explodes is considered illegal in California,” adds McBee. “If it doesn't have the California State Fire Marshal seal on the packaging, it's illegal, and these are the fireworks we’re asking the public to surrender. Outside of drop-offs to one of our stations, anyone found to be in the possession of illegal fireworks will receive a $1,000 fine.”

For more information on Visalia Fire Department’s illegal firework drop-off,  call the Visalia Fire Department Prevention Division at 559-713-4266 or email

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