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Here We Grow!

The month of November brings more economic development news with plans for new retail, downtown parking and more.

  • Plans for a new 15,600 square foot La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery have been submitted in the Grove at Packwood Creek development. This is one of several new retail locations planned for this development in between Costco and Lowe’s.

  • The former Central Valley Community Bank, located adjacent to Dick’s Sporting Goods, will soon be the new home to the Central California Blood Center. This will be a relocation from their current site at 1515 S. Mooney.

  • A new 5,000 square foot commercial building is being proposed along Caldwell, just north of the Winco shopping center.

  • A new dialysis clinic is proposed on Corvina in the Shannon Village neighborhood commercial center. Several other uses are moving ahead such as a new Starbuck’s and Deli Delicious across Mooney.

  • Kaweah Delta Health Care District has submitted plans for an additional parking lot construction, expanding parking availability into the former Doc’s Restaurant and Checker’s Restaurant sites.

  • Compac Sorting Equipment will be constructing a new location at 10012 W. Legacy. The space will also include more room for training of staff. Compac is currently located at 751 N. Elko.

Building permit activity remains strong as we near the end of the year. In fact, as of October 31st there have been exactly 500 new housing starts (426 new, single family units and 74 new, multi-family units) in Visalia for 2018.

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