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Visalia Toys "R" Us Not Closing

In court filings this morning, Toys "R" Us announced that it would be closing up to 182 stores across the nation, pending court approval.

As reported by CNBC, this accounts to around 20% of Toys "R" Us stores nationwide.

With locations ranging across the country and the state, the good news for residents is that the Toys "R" Us located on Mooney Boulevard is not on the current list of closures. 

With 27 stores listed for closing in California, the closest store to Visalia to be impacted is the Toys "R" Us on Shaw Avenue in Fresno.

For the stores on the list, there is hope. The company told USA Today that some locations on the list could remain open if more affordable leases could be negotiated.

For the complete list, visit The Fresno Bee's article on the closures.

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