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Shelter Available During Cold Temps

As the cool winter temperatures begin to impact our community, the City of Visalia wants to ensure that those in need have a place to stay during the coldest nights.

"The City of Visalia encourages anyone who needs emergency shelter when the night time temperatures are expected to be below 30º Fahrenheit to seek shelter at Visalia Rescue Mission (VRM) or St. Paul’s Episcopal Church," shared Danny Wristen, Visalia Fire Department Battalion Chief.

The weather forecast is predicting temperatures to be at or below 30 Degrees during the nights of Tuesday, February 5th thru Thursday, February 7th.

"We will re-evaluate on Friday, February 8th to determine if we will need the warming centers to remain open and available," added Wristen.

  • Shelter of Hope (women and children* — girls 17 and under/boys 12 and under) at 1413 N. Burke St. Check-in time is 4 p.m., for information please call 734-7921.
  • Men’s Shelter and Community Kitchen (serving breakfast and dinner daily) at 322 NE 1st Ave. Check-in time is 6 p.m., for information please call 740-4178. Of note, the morning warming center location is 415 NE 1st. Ave.
  • For the safety of its guests and staff, VRM maintains a drug and alcohol free environment. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, whose behavior is a danger to others, may not be able to utilize the facility.
  • 1415 W. Center, open from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. For information, call 627-8265.
  • St. Paul’s Church offers a low-barrier shelter and all are welcome, providing they do not cause a disruption.
For those with special needs, please contact 2-1-1 Tulare County.

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