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Here We Grow - Residential Development, Commercial and More

Here we grow again!

Residential development activity continues throughout Visalia, as three residential projects are occurring in different sections of the City and are moving forward through the entitlement process.

Project Breakdown:
  • Southern Highlands is a 71 unit single family and 48 unit multi-family development that has been proposed for construction along Visalia Parkway, east of Demaree.
  • The Lowery West project is located at the northeast corner of Akers and Riggin and proposes 213 single family units.
  • Quail River is proposed at the southeast corner of Lovers Lane and Walnut Avenue. It calls for 323 new single-family units and 146 multi-family units.
It doesn't stop there.
For the month of October, there were 35 new single-family starts and 10 new multi-family starts. In addition, there were four new commercial building permits pulled with a combined valuation of $1.2 million.

Since 2015, Visalia has had 3,260,367 square feet of new single-family housing started, 287,423 square feet of new multifamily housing, and 1,140,026 square feet of new commercial development started. 

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