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Repair On Westbound Visalia Parkway To Go To Bid

Citizens have inquired about a portion of the westbound Visalia Parkway, just east of Demaree, and many may have noticed the area coned off.

The coned off area of the roadway is closed to traffic due to a subgrade settlement. Upon inspection by boring, it seems that there is a previously unknown organic cavity underneath the roadway that is causing the settlement.

The cost associated with this boring and repair requires a formal bid and City Council authorization. Staff is working to put this project out to bid now and once the bid period closes, staff will take the report to the City Council for review and authorization.

While this process continues, the roadway will remain coned off so as not to create any further safety concerns. As the project progresses, updates will be provided to the public. For questions or more information, contact David Hernandez, Community Development Department and Project Manager at or at (559) 713-4447.

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