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Pedestrian Safety Enhancements Installed in Downtown

Pedestrian safety enhancements have been installed in the downtown area on Main Street between Giddings Street and Santa Fe Street. 

The enhancements include the remarking of crosswalks at uncontrolled locations (meaning no stop sign or traffic signal) with high visibility crosswalk marking, which is transverse lines with longitudinal markings-ladders, and additional pedestrian warning signs for crosswalks.

A collaborative effort between Community Development, business owners, Downtown Visalians and the Property Owner's Association (POA), the project addresses one of the busiest areas for pedestrians.

“We’ve been working on installing these enhancements for some time,” shares Leslie Blair, City of Visalia Traffic Safety Engineer. “Walkers and drivers should always take the time to cross safely and stop for pedestrians.”

An enforcement detail by the Visalia Police Department is now in force and will run through this Friday, October 6th. Officers are focusing on motorists who fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and pedestrians who fail to cross only at marked crossings.

The focus will be on education through enforcement, with a goal towards traffic safety and reducing collisions.

“California state law requires that motorists yield to pedestrians within a crosswalk, whether it is marked or unmarked, and an intersection is considered an unmarked crosswalk,” states Lt. James Andrews, Visalia Police Department. “Additionally, pedestrians can cross only at marked crossings or at an intersection. Jaywalking is illegal. Motorists and pedestrians in the downtown area that violate these laws will be ticketed.”

For more information on the Pedestrian Safety Campaign, or if you would like to post information at your office or organization, contact Allison Mackey, City of Visalia, at 713-4535 or

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