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Thanks To Visalians, Measure N Is Working

Measure N is working for Visalia, as evident from the new police officers, streets maintenance and much more.

At the 8/7/17 Visalia City Council meeting, Police Chief Jason Salazar introduced the first five Measure N hires for the Police Department. VPD has welcomed Community Service Officer Jose Chavez and Police Officers Russel Ortiz, Thomas Murrell, Nathan Berry and Octavio Hernandez. 

On the streets now, these officers will soon be driving down roads that have received Measure N maintenance. Street maintenance involving reclamite began on Monday, August 7th and continues through Friday, August 18th in the northeast quadrant of the Visalia. This is the first phase of reclamite street work made possible by Measure N dollars.

“Work will begin in the downtown core and radiate out,” says Adam Ennis, City of Visalia Public Works Director. “Thanks to the voters, Measure N has allowed us to perform this necessary and cost effective street maintenance which will improve the durability of the asphalt and delay the aging process, ultimately getting more life out of our roads.”

A second phase of reclamite will be coming soon, with additional work being done at Ben Maddox north of Houston in September.

To minimize any inconvenience from the reclamite projects, residents in impacted areas are advised to:
  • Keep pets and children off the street during application to prevent oil being tracked into the home. Check pets feet and shoes for residue after application to protect floors.
  • If you track residue into your driveway or garage, it can be washed off or it will wear off in two to six weeks.
  • Drive slow to prevent pick up. Residue on vehicles can be removed by immediately washing with dish soap and water.

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