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Statement on 6.23.17 Vicious Animal Encounter

The loss of an animal is always difficult. The City of Visalia extends its sympathies to both of the owners that lost animals yesterday, Friday, June 23rd, after a vicious animal encounter that occurred earlier in the day. 

Our condolences to both the owner of “Cuda”, the unaltered Pit Bull that the owner chose to euthanize due to heat related stress, and to the owner of “Nosey Rosey”, the altered Siamese-Minx mix female, whose owner chose to euthanize due to injuries suffered during the dog attack.

Cuda was impounded shortly after the encounter on the victim’s property and placed in the cooled truck environment after being positively identified by the owner of the cat.  The other two dogs were identified by the cat owner, who witnessed the attack.  The cat owner confirmed all three dogs as being involved in the attack and all three were therefore taken into custody by Visalia Animal Control.  There was a delay between the time of impound for Cuda and the time the other two dogs were impounded as the owner initially resisted surrendering the dogs. 

Chapter 6.16 of the Visalia Municipal Code requires an owner to surrender an animal if it has caused injury to a human or another animal.  All three unlicensed Pit Bulls who were loose and involved in the attack on the cat were then taken directly to the Visalia Animal Care Center in a cooler equipped Animal Control vehicle. When the animals arrived at the shelter, it was realized that one of the dogs, Cuda, was in stress.  Immediate medical attention was provided on site and the dog was transferred to a licensed veterinary practice for further treatment.

As always, the safety of the citizens of Visalia is our primary concern, which is why the City has both a requirement that pet owners restrain their animals and a vicious dog ordinance.  We’re thankful that there was no human injury as a result of this encounter which is always a possibility in these types of situations as owners try to stop the incident. 

The City of Visalia also has a commitment to our employees. The Visalia Police Department is investigating the inappropriate threats being made to employees as a result of this incident.  As is the City’s policy after unusual incidents, a review of the matter will be conducted.  

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