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Alarm Permit Renewals Open Now

The City of Visalia Police Department reminds everyone that it's time to renew alarm permits.

Per the City of Visalia Municipal Code 8.08, any burglar alarm within City Limits must have an alarm permit on file with the Police Department and must be renewed yearly.

The 2017/2018 Alarm Permit Renewal forms have been mailed out to existing permit holders. Permit fees are $15.00 a year, based on the fiscal year of July 1st through June 30th.

Don't forget, whenever an alarm user desires to test, repair, modify of install an alarm system, citizens should notify the Visalia Police Department's Communications Office Dispatcher at (559) 713-8116.

  • An alarm system shall be supplied with an uninterruptible power supply in such a manner that the failure or interruption of normal utility electricity will not activate the system.
  • The power supply must be capable of at least four hours of operation.
  • No one should use or install any alarm which will initiate a call and deliver a recorded message to any telephone number terminating the Visalia Police Department.
A service charge for an emergency response will be assessed against a person or business whose alarm system generates false alarms in accordance with the fee schedule.

For more information regarding the Alarm Permit Ordinance, call the Visalia Police Department Alarm Officer at (559)713-4238.

To acquire a new alarm permit application, please click here.

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