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Treasure Visalia's Trees

While much of California may be out of the woods, Visalia and much of the Central Valley remains in a drought. 

With water resources scarce, it's important to remember that trees are generally the most valuable landscape asset we have. Cutting back water use can have a negative impact on trees, but by using water wisely, we can not only save them but keep them healthy and a thriving part of our City.

The current watering schedule allows two-day a week watering, depending on address. However, trees can be watered anytime with a bucket or attended hand-held hose with a shut-off nozzle.

Small steps can make a big difference. Reduce competition for water by removing weeds and grass within four feet of the trunk and place a four to six-inch-deep layer of mulch within the drip line. This helps retain moisture and conserve water, just keep mulch at least four inches away from the trunk.

Do you have a Valley Oak on your property? The City's Valley Oak Ordinance establishes policies for the care, trimming and removal of these majestic trees. To find out about how to care for your Valley Oak, visit City of Visalia Urban Forestry.

For tips on nurturing young trees, mature trees and more general tree care information, visit

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