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Reclamite Seal Project Returns To City Streets

Thanks to Measure N, the Reclamite Seal Project returns to the City bringing smoother, rehabilitated roads.

Consisting of an application of an asphalt rejuvenating agent, made up of petroleum oils and sand, the Reclamite Seal Project is a two-step method for restoring and preserving durability in asphalt.

This extends the life of the newly constructed pavement and provides corrective maintenance on deteriorated pavements. Once the rejuvenating emulsion has penetrated the existing pavement surface, a coating of dry sand is applied to the surface to decrease tracking of the oils and provide additional skid resistance. The remaining oiled sand not absorbed into the existing pavement is then swept by a street sweeper.

It's for this reason that the City’s contractor closes the streets during application, as all vehicles, traffic, and parked cars must be off the streets. We ask citizens to keep speed to a minimum for several days to reduce the chance of picking up rejuvenator and sand on vehicles.

The start date for this portion of the Reclamite Seal Project is August 7, 2017. For a map of the streets included in the project, visit

For more information concerning this project, contact City of Visalia Project Manager Norm Goldstrom, Public Works Manager at (559) 713-4186 or at

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