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Groundwater Recharge Is Continued Focus Of 2016 Visalia Water Management Committee Annual Plan

The Visalia Water Management Committee’s mission is to maintain and improve the groundwater levels in and around the City. At the 12/21 Council Meeting, Council reviewed and approved the 2016 Annual Plan, while reviewing 2015 highlights.

With 2016 on the horizon, the Water Management Committee looked back on its main focus in 2015, which was completing the Packwood Creek check structures project. As Packwood Creek is an important groundwater recharge structure for the City, the project consisted of installation of a series of five check structures to pool water in Packwood Creek for percolation during the spring and summer, and during wet years when surface water is available. The project is projected to increase groundwater recharge capacity in Packwood Creek by more than 50%.

The Management Committee’s 2016 Annual Plan focuses on continuing the regular business of the Committee and included:

• Administer program funds per the Management Committee’s funding objectives of 70% for groundwater improvement projects, 20% for surface water purchases for groundwater recharge and 10% for acquisition of available surface water rights.

• Continue to investigate and pursue other groundwater recharge improvement projects, including studies for delivery system improvements and optimization.

• Acquire imported surface water to conduct groundwater recharge activities for the benefit of the City's groundwater supply, if obtainable at reasonable cost and recharge locations are available.

• Continue efforts to identify and acquire property for development of recharge facilities and continue efforts to identify and acquire surface water rights for groundwater recharge.

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