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Visalia Works won't let me change my password. Where can I go to change my Visalia Works password?

Your Visalia Works login is also your My Visalia login.

To change your Visalia Works password go to and look for the My Visalia stripe in the middle of the screen. (Be sure to allow popups from Click on the "Login" button, enter your username (e.g., email address), enter your temporary password, and click the submit button. The My Visalia stripe will now have opened a new window and the title "My Visalia" should instead change to display your first name in place of the word "my" as in "Mary's Visalia."

The new window might be the "My Settings" window where you can update your account, change your password, or contact the administrator. Should you not see the "My Settings window", click the "My Visalia" label (that is showing your first name) to reveal the "My Settings" window

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