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Why did I receive a yellow, red, blue, green, or purple tag on my container?

  • Yellow Tag* - The recyclable side of the split container is contaminated with garbage.
  • Red Tag* - The yard waste container is contaminated with garbage. Click here to view a list of what is acceptable in the compost can.
  • Green Tag* - Your can was blocked by a basketball hoop.  The first time we will empty and tag your can.  The 2nd time we will not empty the can.  Basketball hoops must be kept away from your cans on trash days.
  • Blue Tag* - There was a problem with emptying your can unrelated to contamination.
  • Purple Tag - Purple tags are usually left on your can to give information relating to holiday schedule changes.  Click here to view our Holiday Schedule.

* There could be a charge for emptying a contaminated divided or yard waste can, or to come back because your can was blocked.

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