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What if I have extra items for pickup?

Curbside Specials are designed for you to eliminate that extra stuff you have been keeping for years. This service is available for up to 3 times a year per residence and a total of 30 items. All items must be bagged, bundled, or boxed.

Each item (bag, box, or bundle) must not more than 4’ in any direction; not more than 25 pounds per item.  Over 30 items in one year will be charged at $1.00 per additional item.  Extra empties of either of your cans as a curbside special counts as 10 items. Please note:  We will not pick up loose debris.

To schedule your FREE Curbside Special, call...1-83-268-2455.

Additional pickups are available for a fee. Call 1-833-268-2455 for additional information.

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