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Residential Services

The City of Visalia provides all garbage service for residents of Visalia. Each residence is provided with one divided can and one yard waste can to handle their refuse requirements for a monthly fee of $23.85. Each can is serviced once a week. Some residents find that they need more service. If this is your situation, you may add as many additional cans as you need at the low cost of $4.00 per month.  Call (855) 203-1315 to order additional cans.

To assure collection please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Place your container curbside by 6:00 am on the day of collection.
  • Do not place it any earlier than 7:00 pm the day before scheduled collection.
  • Place in the street, within one (1) foot of the curb.
  • 2 feet or more away from obstructions such as fences, lamp posts and mailboxes.
  • 2 feet from each other.
  • 10 feet from parked cars, boats, trailers, basketball hoops and similar obstructions.
  • Place cans where there is a 15 foot overhead clearance

Click here to learn more about the Split Can system and how it works.

Need to know what can go in the Recycle side of your divided can? Click here.


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