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Goshen Visalia Corridor Improvement Project

 Goshen Visalia Corridor Community Outreach Meetings

Green Acres Middle School
1147 N Mooney Blvd
Wednesday, Feb. 28 | 6-7pm
To attend virtually, click here.

Goshen Village 
31114 Road 72 Goshen
Thursday, Feb. 29 | 6-7pm

Food will be provided.

The City of Visalia is working on submitting a grant application for the reconstruction of the Goshen Trail, improvements along Goshen Ave and within the Goshen Community.

In order to provide you with a high-quality complete street and active street that would serve our community needs; we are conducting a survey of the surrounding area to better understand how the Goshen Trail, the Goshen Community and the Goshen corridor can better serve our community. Click HERE to take the survey.

The Goshen Trail serves as a major east to west commuter route exclusively for pedestrians and bicyclists in the City of Visalia. The trail currently connects the Goshen Community to the Industrial Park and to Downtown Visalia. Thanks to the Active Transportation Program, the City of Visalia is afforded the opportunity to apply for grant funding to extend and improve the Goshen Trail and create further connections within the Goshen Community to create an enhanced multi modal experience for the community.

This survey is available in English and Spanish by clicking the globe icon near your top left screen.

Potential Project: Goshen Visalia Corridor

The Goshen Trail, situated north of Goshen Avenue from American Street to Giddings Street, provides a multipurpose path for bicyclists and pedestrians to go between the Goshen Community, the Industrial Park District and Downtown Visalia. Along the Goshen Trail are homes, schools, grocery stores, restaurants, businesses, transit stops, a golf course, and a recreation park. The Goshen Visalia Corridor Project, as depicted above in lime green, will reconstruct the existing Goshen Trail from Giddings Street to American Street and extend the Goshen Trail from American Street to Camp Drive.  Improvements within the Goshen community consist of enhanced Class IV bike routes and traffic calming features along Camp Dr, Ave 308, and Effie Dr.


Project Goals

The goal of the Goshen Visalia Corridor project is to encourage residents to use the Goshen Trail more while promoting active modes of transportation by:

  • Extending the Goshen Trail to connect the Goshen Community to Downtown Visalia
  • Improving safety by establishing a height difference and separation between the trail and on street bike routes from vehicle traffic.
  • Improving safety by reworking the trail and street crossings at intersections
  • Improving safety by separating the trail and bike routes from the railroad
  • Adding trail amenities such as benches and lighting

What is currently being proposed as part of the Goshen Corridor Improvement Project?

  • Trail reconstruction to provide a smooth trail surface.
  • Improvements to intersections to increase visibility and safety of pedestrians and people on bikes, such as students.
  • Installation of curb and gutter where non exist 
  • Construction of bulb outs and traffic calming measure where appropriate (primarily in Goshen Community)
  • Installation of Trail amenities such as trash cans, lighting, benches and safety fencing.
  • Installation of trees and landscaping to improve corridor aesthetics and to provide shade for the trail year around.

Thank you for being an important part of this public feedback process.

For more information or questions about the grant application process, please contact Diego Corvera, Civil Engineer at (559) 713-4209 or [email protected].


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