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Pool Draining Permit

Swimming pools can be drained no more once every three years.

There are exceptions for structural repairs or to comply with public health standards determined by the County Health Officer or City code enforcement officer. Any resident whose swimming pool is drained by order of the City or County for failure to maintain it properly will also be issued a notice of violation. The draining of pools for reasons of health and safety hazards as determined by a City officer or department of health is permitted. Pool drain permit applications shall include the results of a pool water test conducted by an independent testing organization which shows a cyanuric acid level above 100 parts per million, total dissolved solids over 2,500 parts per million, or calcium over 450 parts per million, or a statement of repairs from a licensed pool contractor stating the nature and duration of repairs to be made and the date on which the pool will be drained.

If it has been more than three years since your last pool drain, you may fill out this form. Otherwise, please contact our office at 713-4531.  Allow 2-3 working days for a response. 

Get Permit

Did you know that there are several ways you can practice water conservation with your pool or spa. You can help to conserve more water by learning about your pool or spa and the preventative steps you can take and repairs you can make to help conserve water. Click on Tips to Conserve to learn more. 

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