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Traffic Signal at Tulare & Lovers Lane Up

With construction completed on the punch through project for Tulare Avenue, the traffic signal at the intersection of Tulare Avenue and Lovers Lane has been energized and is now in flash.

"Standard protocol is to place the traffic signal in flash for a specified amount of time to allow driver familiarity with the new traffic control at the intersection," shares Nick Mascia, City of Visalia Community Development Director. "First of next week, we’ll then switch the traffic signal from flash into full operations."

Motorists will have the rest of this week and the holiday weekend to become comfortable with the new signal, as full operations of the signal will not start until Monday, November 13th.

The traffic light at Tulare Avenue and Lovers Lane will become fully functional midday, which is the optimal, off-peak time for motorists.

"With a new traffic signal the City typically monitors the signal operation and makes timing adjustments to accommodate the travel demand," added Mascia. "We appreciate the residents patience as we go through this process."  

With the powering up the traffic signal, the east leg (Tulare Avenue extension) will be opened to traffic and Tulare Avenue will now be connected from Lovers Lane east to McAuliff Street. 

This connection is anticipated to alleviate congestion at the Lovers Lane and Nobel intersection by allowing resident east of Lovers Lane an alternate route to the west.

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