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Visalia Judo Club Hosts Tournament

Recently, the Visalia Parks & Recreation Department's Visalia Judo Club hosted their Spring Judo Tournament.

The event was very well received with over 250 students and spectators attending from the Central Valley as well Northern and Southern California.  

Judo, originating from nineteeth-century ‪Japan‬, is both an art and science.  Its rich medieval heritage combined with a modern scientific approach makes Judo the exciting sport it is today!

Students learn how to use their own ‪‎strength‬ as they develop ‪‎martial arts‬ skills. This discipline focuses on mutual respect as well as moral and ethical development.

Thank you to everyone that came out to participate in this great event! Here are the names and placements of students from our very own Visalia Judo Club. Congratulations!

Vincent Bowers - 1st Place
Pedro Campos - 1st Place
Arad Ghadiri - 1st Place
Paige Thompson - 1st Place
Remy Bowers - 2nd Place
Alex Padro 2rd
Nolan Prado 2nd
Christopher Wilson 2nd
Katherine Wilson 2nd
Samardeep Singh 3rd

Interested in joining the Visalia Judo Club? Register for our summer classes now online at or in person at the Anthony Community Center (345 N Jacob St.). Call 559-713-4365 for more information. ‪

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