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Storms Hit the Central Valley

Rain is hitting Visalia and more spring storms may be on the way.

"Our Public Works Department has been preparing for this winter's storm season for months and our crews continue to work on keeping things clear," says Adam Ennis, Public Works Director, City of Visalia.

As crews continue their work of street sweeping and cleaning gutters, street maintenance is on the ready with equipment and road repair materials.

Residents are urged to help the efforts.

"Our City residents can be a huge help in our prep efforts," adds Ennis. "Remember to keep things out of the curbs and gutters, and please don't ever dump anything into our creek system. The cleaner we can keep everything, the more likely things will continue flowing and not back up."

How You Can Help:
  1. Check your property, clearing all private drains and rain gutters. Dispose of all trash and yard clippings/trimmings in your City-issued containers.
  2. If you keep a rain barrel, check to make sure the downspouts are clear of debris and the connection is working properly. Be sure to remove the overflow drain cover.
  3. Cover all toxic materials with tight-fitting lids, or store them indoors. While you're at it, clean up any automotive leaks or spills.
  4. Have a clean-up on your street or in your neighborhood by enlisting friends and neighbors to pick up trash.

Sandbag materials are now available for residents can be picked up at the City's sandbag filling station near the City's Corporation Yard, behind the Sonic restaurant on N. Ben Maddox Way.

The self-serve sandbag station is stocked with sand and sandbags, residents are asked to bring their own shovels to fill the bags. The station is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. There is a 15 per person sandbag limit.

The City of Visalia's efforts are lead by the Public Works Department. For more information on Public Works, visit them here.

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