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Riverway Sports Park Soccer Fields to Close for Maintenance

Visalia’s Riverway Sports Park sees tens of thousands of players, visitors and park goers throughout the year, and the soccer fields are no exception.

One of the key features of the Sports Park is the many soccer fields, and the City of Visalia Parks & Urban Forestry Department is announcing that the soccer fields will have their last day of scheduled play on Sunday and close for rehabilitation on Monday June 8th.

"The Sports Park’s soccer fields will be closed from June 8th through August 7th this summer as we work on turf renovation and projects on the fields," says Jeff Fultz, City of Visalia Parks & Urban Forestry Manager. "We’ll be raising sprinklers, leveling the fields, and seeding the bare areas of turf so we’re ready for another season of play come August."

More than just irrigating and mowing, the Sports Park’s soccer fields require a delicate balance of care to ensure they are safe and ready for play.

"During the week of June 15th through the 19th, our Parks crew will fence the fields and seed bare areas of turf while applying a three way mix of seed," explains Fultz. "We’ve obtained the proper permits to set irrigation to run multiple times each day, for a period of 21 days, so that the turf can be fully rehabilitated."

Mowing of the turf will continue throughout the summer, but the soccer fields will be closed to organized and open play. The Riverway Sports Park soccer fields will see their fencing taken down on Friday, August 7th as Parks crews begin mowing to standard play height. Mid-August marks American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) of Visalia’s involvement, as they will begin setting corners and painting field lines before their opening day of Saturday, August 22nd.

Riverway Sports Park open play areas, picnic shelters, playgrounds and walking paths will all remain open during this time, only the soccer fields will be undergoing rehabilitation. For questions, contact the City of Visalia Parks & Urban Forestry Department at 559-713-4384 or email

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