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EnergySage Marketplace Website Launches

The Visalia EnergySage site offers a variety of educational resources, including an "Instant Estimate" tool. With “Instant Estimate”, any home or commercial property owner in Visalia can get estimates of solar's costs and benefits under various financing options for their specific property. The process takes less than one minute to complete and is not connected to any lead generation or sales activities so using the tool doesn’t result in any pressure to buy or annoying sales pitches.

If you pay $100 per month on electricity, solar could save you nearly $20,000 over the next 20 years.  

The EnergySage platform automatically performs the calculations needed to adjust for differences in the quotes received—different system sizes or different assumptions used to calculate cost and benefits—so that consumers can easily compare quotes. 

EnergySage is funded by the Department of Energy and is committed to simplifying the process of going solar and to reducing solar prices for consumers.

EnergySage’s benefits extend to providers such as manufacturers, installers, financiers and other professionals involved in the solar PV sales process as well, through increased consumer awareness, knowledge and demand for their services. The program is open to all area solar installers and any company interested in participating should contact or 617-453-8924.

Renewable energy is one way to conserve resources, and the City supports efforts to conserve and manage natural resources for the benefit of Visalia’s citizens. 

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