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Citizens in the Know

“Citizens in the Know” is a six-week program designed to educate and help citizens understand the workings of their city government. The program, for Visalia residents 18 years of age and older, allows citizens to meet with key city leaders, ask them questions and get the answers they want to know. Modeled after community leadership programs found in many communities throughout the country, “Citizens In the Know” provides citizens with a first-hand look at the work of Visalia city government—how it is planned, the infrastructure that is used, and the City Council’s vision of the future.

hat’s In it For You? 
"Citizens in the Know" will provide a better understanding of:
• How the City obtains, spends (and saves) its money.
• How you can become involved and participate in city government to help get things done.
• The services the city provides.
• The decision-making process and development of the city policies from start to finish.
• How these pieces fit together to make the city operate efficiently and effectively and help to make Visalia a great place to live, work and play!

Who is Eligible?
To participate, citizens must be a resident of Visalia, be at least 18 years of age, and commit to attending all six weeks of the program. Enrollment is limited to up to 25 eligible applicants.

How Do I Learn More?
For information on "Citizens in the Know", contact Community Relations Manager Nancy Loliva at or at (559) 713-4535.
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