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Can I get an extension on a fix-it ticket?

Yes. We will allow one extension before forwarding your ticket to Tulare County Superior Court. You may contact (559) 713-4212 to ask for a 7 day extension as long as the due date has not passed.

How can I get my vehicle released?

The registered owner must be present with their valid driver's license, current registration and a fee of $120 for both Stored and 30-day Impounded vehicles. You may obtain a vehicle release at any of our three locations.

How do I contest a parking ticket?

You may only contest a parking citation within 30 days of receiving the citation. There are 2 options to contest a parking citation.

Option 1 (In Person) - There is a hearing scheduled once a month for parking citation contestment's. A hearing official is present for you to speak to at that time. In-person hearings are scheduled by appointment only. You must bring your citation to the police department and schedule your appointment within 30 days of receiving the citation.

Option 2 (By mail) - You may submit a written statement to the hearing official regarding your citation. Please mail your statement along with your citation to the Visalia Police Department, Attn: Parking Contest, 303 S Johnson, Visalia, CA 93291. You will receive a confirmation from the department indicating your statement was received.

You will receive your results by mail approximately 10 business days after the scheduled hearing for both In-person as well as by mail contests.

How do I get my property released?

Property is released by appointment only. Please contact our Property and Evidence Department at (559) 713-4415.

How do I pay for a parking ticket or confirm my payment has been processed?

Parking citations are due within 30 days of the issue date. Payments can be mailed to 303 South Johnson or paid directly at any of our three locations by cash or check only. Credit card payments can be made online at EZPAY CORP. To verify your payment, contact (800) 654-7275.

How do I register as a narcotics or sex offender?

Registration is on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only. Please contact (559) 713-4231 to schedule your appointment.

How do I report child abuse?

Call 911

How do I report cruelty to animals?

Call Animal Control at (559) 713-4957.

How do I report graffiti?

Call the Graffiti Hotline at (559) 713-4207

How do I request a copy of a report?

Reports made by the Visalia Police Department can be obtained in the following ways. Requests for copies of reports can be done either in person at any of our three locations or by mail. Request forms are located in our front lobby. Written or typed requests from victims who are out of the area are also accepted. Please be sure to include a signed written or typed request, as well as a copy of your identification. Please allow 10 business days for your request to be processed.

Traffic reports  may also be purchased online through a third-party vendor: Docview. There is a $10 fee for a copy of a traffic collision. Please note that online reports are subject to an additional convenience fee.  

***Please note that the Visalia Police Department can only release reports generated by the Visalia Police Department.


How do I schedule a live scan / fingerprints?

Fingerprinting and Live Scans are done by appointment only. Please contact our Fingerprinting Unit at (559) 713-4231 to schedule your appointment.

How to I register/obtain an alarm permit?

To register/obtain an alarm permit, please contact the Alarm Officer at 713-4238.

I want to report drug activity. Who should I call?

Call our Non-Emergency line (559) 734-8116

Who do I call to find out if someone is in custody?

You may contact the Tulare County Main Jail at (559)  636-4655.

Who do I contact to start a Neighborhood Watch Group?

Call Crime Prevention at (559) 713-4370

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