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Cars & Parking

A traffic sign is broken, missing, or illegible

Stop, yield and other traffic flow signs should be reported immediately to PD on our Non-Emergency line (559) 734-8116. 

Other signs should be reported to Public Works Customer Service using VISALIA WORKS or at (559) 713-4428.

How do I obtain a parking permit?

If you reside or own property in a certain district, the street parking maybe regulated by permit only.  You may contact the Community Development Department at (559) 713-4444.  The office is located at 315 E Acequia, Visalia, CA  93291

How do I report a traffic signal that is not working?

Call our Non-Emergency line (559) 734-8116

How do I report an abandoned vehicle on public streets?

Call our Non-Emergency line (559) 734-8116

When can't I park because of street cleaning?

In posted areas parking is not allowed on certain days and times for street sweeping.  In general residential areas cars should be removed from the street on the day of the month designated for sweeping that area. If vehicles are present on the street on the sweeping day, the sweeper will go around the vehicle and that portion of the curb will not be swept.  For more information on designated street sweeping days please call Public Works Customer Service at 713-4428

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