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Parks & Recreation

Are bicycles permitted in the park?

Yes, bicycles are permitted in parks on roads and designated bike paths.

Are bicycles prohibited from sidewalks?

Yes, bicycles are prohibited from driving on sidewalks.

Are horses or pony rides allowed in City parks?

No, these type of amusements are not allowed in City parks.

Are there athletic or fitness programs for adults?

The Visalia Parks & Recreation Department offers a wide variety of athletic leagues and fitness programs for those 18 years and older.

For the current schedule:

Can I fish at the pond in Plaza Park?

Minors age 16 years and younger are welcome to fish at the Plaza Park Pond.

For information on the Visalia Parks & Recreation fishing derby events, contact them at or at (559) 713-4365.

Can I have a bounce house or water slide in the park?

Bounce houses, water slides and like equipment are allowed in some parks and are site specific.  Call the Parks and Recreation Department at (559) 713-4365 for details.

Can I have music or a DJ in a City park?

It is unlawful to emit music or noise which exceeds 60 decibles at fifty (50) feet and interferes with other uses in any public park or recreation area.  

Can I pay a city bill online?

The Parks & Recreation Department accepts online registration and payments for classes and programs.

City of Visalia utility payments can be made online at 

Can I pay for a class online?

The Parks & Recreation Department accepts online registration and payments for classes and programs.

Can I set up my own canopy, tables and chairs in a City park?

Yes.  However, you may not drive any vehicles onto the grass.  Always be considerate of other park users.

Can I take my dog into the park (on or off leash)?

There are two designated "off-leash" dog areas located in the City of Visalia.  

The Cody Kelley Bark Park at Plaza Park located at 1800 S. Plaza Drive, and Seven Oaks Park Dog Park located at 900 S. Edison Street.

Outside of these two dog parks, dogs are required to be restrained by a leash.

Do I need a park reservation for my picnic, party event?

All areas are subject to reservation Tp ensure that an area is available for use, a reservation is highly recommended. 

Areas that are not reserved may be used without a permit on a first come, first served basis. However, a permit must be obtained for parties and events that will be having alcohol or amusement equipment such as a bounce house.

Do the picnic areas have electricity?

Some picnic areas have electrical outlets for public convenience.  These outlets are designed strictly for small appliances not requiring more than 12 amps of electricity.

These outlets are not to be used for equipment or large appliances. Please be advised that not using the electrical outlets appropriately could result in the outlets shorting out and will render them unusable for the reminder of the day.

How do I apply to remove or trim a Valley Oak tree?

Contact the City of Visalia Urban Forestry Division at (559) 713-4384.

How do I find out what sports/activities the Recreation Department offers?

The Parks and Recreation Department distributes a catalog of programs and activities three times each year.  This publication is also located on the City of Visalia website at  A copy can also be obtained at the Anthony Community Center located at 345 N. Jacob Street or by calling (559) 713-4365.

How do I learn about recreation programs for children?

The Parks & Recreation Department offers year-round activities, programs, classes and special events for local children.

How do I report drugs in the park?

Contact the Visalia Police Department at (559) 734-8116.

How do I report gangs in the park?

Contact the Visalia Police Department at (559) 734-8116. If there is an emergency situation occurring, dial 911.

How do I report graffiti in a City park?

File an online report here, or call the Graffiti Hotline at (559) 713-4451.

How do I reserve a park area?

Reservations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis at the Parks & Recreation Department Business Office located inside the Anthony Community Center,  345 N. Jacob Street in Visalia. 

Park availability can be checked by emailing or calling (559) 713-4365.  Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

How do I reserve Cutler Park?

Cutler Park is owned and operated by the County of Tulare. 

For information, contact County of Tulare Parks and Recreation here or call (559) 733-6291.

How do I reserve Mooney Grove Park?

Mooney Grove Park is owned and operated by the County of Tulare. 

For information, contact the County of Tulare Parks and Recreation here or by calling them at  (559) 733-6291.

How do report too much trash in a park?

For concerns regarding Park Maintenance contact the Visalia Parks Department at (559) 713-4384 or email

How much does it cost to reserve a picnic area?

Reservations are charged on a daily, not hourly, basis. Rates can vary according to seating capacity (50-200) of the picnic area and which park you choose.

For pricing and availability, contact the Visalia Parks & Recreation Business Office at or call them at (559) 713-4365.

Is alcohol allowed in City parks?

A permit to consume alcohol may be obtained with a paid picnic area reservation.  Those consuming alcohol must be 21 years of age or older.  There is no fee for an alcohol permit.

Is the City of Visalia responsible for pruning Valley Oak trees on private property?

In most cases, the property owner is responsible for the care of Valley Oak trees on their property.  Valley Oak trees in the public right of way are maintained by the City.

Is there a charge for having a bounce house?

There is no extra charge to place a bounce house in a park.  Bounce houses are allowed in designated areas with a permit.

What are the hours of the water feature at Riverway Sports Park?

Hours:  11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.  weather permitting

What athletic or fitness programs are available for children?

The Visalia Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of fitness and athletic programs for children from tiny tots to pre-teen.

To see the current programs, activities and special events centered around fitness and athletics:

What do I do if my neighbor's tree hangs over my fence or into my yard and drops leaves?

This is a civil matter between the property owners, the City has no authority.

What Parks are available for rental?

Reservable picnic areas in Visalia parks include:  Blain, Houk, Plaza, Riverbend, Alejandro Ruiz Jr., Riverway Sports Park and Whitendale Park.

What Senior Recreation Programs exist?

The City of Visalia offers a wide variety of recreation programs, classes and events for our 55 and better community members.ontact the Visalia Senior Center at (559) 713-4381.

What time do the tennis court lights at Plaza Park go on and off?

Lights operate 5:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

What trees are protected in the City?

Only Valley Oak trees (Quercus lobata) with a trunk diameter of two (2) inches or greater are protected.  A permit is required to trim or remove a Valley Oak on private property.  Call the Urban Forestry Division at (559) 713-4384 for information or to apply for a permit.

Where can I swim?

The Parks and Recreation Department offers public swim June through August each year at Redwood High School.  Call (559) 713-4365 for hours of operation and admission cost.

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